New process-viewer release: processes disk usage

The new process-viewer version is here! It follows the sysinfo release which added processes' disk I/O usage information (you can read the blog post about this release here).

Disk usage

The processes tab now has a new column "disk I/O usage":

The process dialog also got a new graph:

As well as new fields:

Very convenient if you want to check which process is using all your disk bandwidth!

Other improvements

Even though this update was primarily focused on adding the processes disk usage information, I also made a few improvements that come handy:


That's it for this release! I guess next one will come when I'll add new features to sysinfo. See you then!

Posted on the 18/04/2020 at 18:00 by @GuillaumeGomez

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New sysinfo release: processes disk usage
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