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GNOME+Rust Hackfest #6 in Roma

End of the year, meaning it's time for a new GNOME+Rust hackfest and its feedback!

GNOME+Rust hackfest?

The goal of these hackfests is to improve the interactions between Rust and the GNOME libraries. This sixth edition happened in Rome.

What have we done?

This time, we focused on two things: polishing and cleaning up. If you haven't guess at this point, a new gtk-rs release is coming soon!


We had (and still have) a lot of issues open. I decided it was time to reduce this number a bit. So let's take a quick look to what I worked on:

All these fixed issues will allow to make our users' and contributors life easier!

But that's not all! In the meantime, @antoyo also worked on a few things like:

I can only recommend you to take a look at his blog post for more details!

Next release?

I said at the beginning that the next gtk-rs release was coming soon. If you want to follow it more closely, you can take a look at the release issue. A lot of nice things will come in as usual but I prefer to keep the announcement for when it'll actually come out. For now, the biggest blocker to this new release is that we want to wait for the Rust 1.39 release and the stabilization of the async/await feature. More to come later!

Time for thanks!

As usual, many thanks to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel and accomodation during the hackfest!

But mostly: many thanks to @Enrico and to @apiraino who organized this hackfest and to AssetData for the venue!

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Posted on the 24/10/2019 at 21:15 by @GuillaumeGomez

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